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No Contact Orders

If a person needs or feels they need to get a restraining order against another person there are a few ways to do this.

If it is a result of a domestic abuse arrest, the judge will normally issue a no-contact order at the time of initial appearance for the suspect that does not allow the suspect to contact the victim in person, through writing, telephone, email, text messaging, or third parties.

If the reason is domestic abuse and no charges are filed, the person may contact the Worth County Clerk of Court at 641-324-2840 for any questions or stop in to fill out an application.  There must be a relationship between the two people at the time of abuse including any of the following:  married, separated, divorced, adult relatives living together, parents of the same minor (under 18) child or children, living together, lived together within the past year, intimate relationship, have been in an intimate relationship and have had contact within one year of the assault.

If the restraining order is the result of something other than the above reasons, you should consult a private attorney to help draw up documents to take to the judge to get the restraining order.

The Iowa State Victim Notification Service (VINE), is a service through which victims of crime can use the telephone or internet to search for information regarding their offenders's custody status and register to receive telephone or email notification when their offender's custody status changes.  The VINE Toll Free Number for Iowa is 1-888-742-8463. 

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