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Accepted Items

Accepted Items for Rural Resident Recycling

  • corrugated cardboard
  • newspapers & inserts
  • copy and computer paper
  • junk mail
  • phone books
  • magazines and catalogs
  • greeting cards
  • boxboard (cereal, cake, chip, Kleenex, and cracker boxes)
  • plastic (bottles, jugs and jars)
  • glass (clear, green, brown, blue)
  • metal cans

Rinse containers clean - labels on containers are okay

Remove all caps, lids, covers, o-rings, pumps and discard into your regular trash

Not Recyclable

Pizza boxes, plastic bags, unmarked plastics, Styrofoam (cups, packaging), paper towels, napkins, tissues, cups, coffee filters, tea bags, waxed paper, or waxed anything (like milk cartons, drink boxes, frozen food boxes), candy and gum wrappers, carbon paper, wall paper, bathroom waste paper, photos, slides, transparencies, aerosol cans, paint cans,  oil/antifreeze/gasoline containers, light bulbs, pens, window panes, mirrors, pottery, ceramics, disposable razors, needles, toys, dishes, glasses, medicine containers, plastic cups/silverware/trays, plastic wrap, batteries, pet food bags, fertilizer bags, and seed corn bags.

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