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Driving on Flooded Streets and Roads

posted on 6/26/18

The Worth County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind citizens in Worth County about the dangers of driving through flooded streets and roads. While a person thinks that the water rushing across the road is not that deep, what you can’t see are the dangers.

Water rushing across a road that you have driven many times may look like it isn’t that deep, but keep in mind that you cannot see under the water and have no real certainty that the road is still there. According to FEMA it takes only six inches to reach the bottom of most passenger cars and will cause a loss of control and the potential of stalling your vehicle. One foot of water will float most vehicles and two foot of rushing water will carry away most vehicles including suvs and pickups.

With the large amounts of rain we have received as of late, rivers and streams are flowing out of their banks and have fast moving currents. With this being said, practice safe driving habits and Turn around Don’t Drown.

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