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Don't Veer for Deer

posted on 12/3/17

‘Tis the season for car vs deer accidents. With the corn and beans out of the fields and hunting season upon us the deer are out and about mostly at dawn and dusk. Remember to watch the ditches as you drive especially during these times and if you see a deer in front of you, don’t veer for the deer. Veering often puts you and others at a greater risk for injury or worse. If you do hit a deer, pull off the road as far as you safely can. This way you can safely inspect your vehicle to make sure it’s drivable. Not all insurance companies require a report from law enforcement, we do appreciate the call so we can make sure the deer is off the roadway. This also helps the Iowa DOT and DNR to track these accidents. Just remember to follow the posted speed limit, pay attention to the deer crossing signs, keep your wits about you and drive safely.

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