Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation


The Iowa Department of Human Services/Iowa Medicaid Enterprise has contracted with TMS Management
Group, Inc. ("TMS")
to help satisfy your non-emergency medical transportation needs.
TMS will be responsible for all parts of the non-emergency medical transportation service.
Call 1-866-572-7662 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm ( 72 hrs/3 days in advance)
Reservatons are required. 
Provide the TMS operator with the necessary information and they will assist you with your trip request.
Information needed:
                                     *  Medicade ID #
                                        *  Appointment day
                                         *  Appointment time
                                              *  Appointment location

Riders/Escorts - Allowed only due to age, disability, or medical necessity 
Wheelchairs - Provided by the member
Car Seats - Provided by the member
Wait Time - 10 minutes - Be ready, drivers will leave after the 10 minute window

                For urgent assistance call 1-866-572-7662 - number is available 24 hrs/day - 7 days/week

For a medical emergency call 911!!