Corridor Medical Shuttle

Corridor Medical Shuttle to Begin January 29, 2013


Corridor Medicall SlhutUe

Days of Service: Tuesday and Thursday

Costs: Veterans - Free; IowaCare Patients - $1 each way; General Public - $8 each way.

Depart Cedar Rapids: 8:30 am

Location: CR Transit Bus Stop (Lot 44), at the corner of Second Street and 12th Avenue SE

Depart Iowa City: VA Hospital - 3 pm, UI Hospital 3:15 pm Location: Near Main Entrance, patient loading area

Reservations: To make a reservation call 892-5170 (Linn County LIFTS) by noon the day before you need to ride. Reservations can

be made as soon as you have scheduled a medical appointment. You can make multiple reservations at one time. When you call to make a reservation, please discuss any special transportation needs with the dispatcher.

Cancellations: To cancel a ride call 892-5170 (Linn County LIFTS) as soon as possible, but no later than 7 am the day of your ride. If you do not cancel a ride you will have to pay for the ride you missed before you can use the service again.

Payments: Pay the bus driver with cash, check or money order when you board the bus/van.

Proof of Qualifying Status: To qualify for Veteran or IowaCare rates you must show ID Card or other proof of qualifying status.

Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis; so please call as soon as you know you'll need a ride. We cannot guarantee a ride in all circumstances, but will make every effort to accommodate patient needs.

If there is a reservation, the bus/van will go to the pick-up location, in either Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, and wait for the passenger(s). If there are no reservations, the bus/van will NOT go to the pick up location. (ie. - You can not just show up without a reservation and expect a ride)

If you do not show up for your reservation, your return trip will automatically be cancelled. (ie. — If you get a ride from a friend to Iowa City, but still need a ride from Iowa City, you need to call to cancel the CR to IC trip, but inform the dispatcher that you still need a ride from Iowa City)

It is the responsibility of the patient to get to the shuttle location on time, for all trips. We cannot guarantee rides to the hospital, or

rides back to Cedar Rapids, for patients who miss the shuttle; for any reason.

If the patient is ADA Eligible and can't get to the shuttle location they should call 892-5170 ([inn County LIFTS) as soon as possible to see if transportation assistance is available.

If you miss your shuttle reservation call 892-5170 (Linn County LIFTS) immediately and see if there is assistance available.

When the patient makes their appointment at either Iowa City Hospital location, it is their responsibility to inform the hospital of their use of the shuttle (when they will arrive and depart) and work with hospital staff to make sure they don't have appointments scheduled before the shuttle will arrive, and are done in time to meet the shuttle for the return trip.