Nurse and CNA's in your home

Worth County Public Health offers home care to the residents of Worth County.  
Our goal is to keep you in your home, safely, for as long as possible.
Nursing:  We have nurses who provide skilled services in your home.  We offer short term and long term care.
Whether you need assistance after coming home from the hospital or you need assistance with your medication set up, we are here for you. Some of the skills we provide are assessments, INR's, blood draws, wound care (including wound VACs), injections, catheter care, colostomy care, teaching, medication management, and others.
Pay is based on individuals income.
Home Care Aides:  We have certified nurse aides that have completed 75 hours of a certified course and have more than 16 hours of training to care for you in your home.  Our HCAs provide personal care such as baths/showers, shampoo, shaving, catheter care, hoyer lifts, and more.
Homemakers:  Our homemakers are also certified nurses aides.  They provide light housekeeping which includes vacuuming and dusting, cleaning floors, cleaning bathrooms, laundry, running errands or any other light cleaning you are not able to do for yourself. Worth County Public Health is also certified to participate in a waiver program which
provides in home services-inquire within.
Respite:  Our home care aides also provide short term and intermittent respite for an individual that is providing daily care to a friend or family member.