Worth County Transit Service

                                                                         Worth County Transit
The transit service is funded by North Iowa Area Council of Governments(NIACOG).
We adhere to the Region 2 Transit System Policy Program and Procedures of NIACOG.
To ride on the transit, you will need to call the Worth County Public Health office at 641-324-1741 to schedule your ride. The Public Health office requires a 24 hour notice for scheduling purpose.
The fares for the rides are set by NAICOG and are as follows:
      Within county:
                              * Elderly - over 60/Disabled/Student -  $2.00 one way
                              * General Public                                -  $4.00 one way
      Outside of county:
                              * Elderly - over 60/Disabled/Student - $3.00 one way
                              * General Public                                - $5.00 one way
Hours of operation are 7am-430pm Monday-Friday. Worth County has 2 buses for availability. Buses will not run on the legal holidays observed by the Worth County Courthouse. Worth County Transit IS NOT an emergency transport service.
Funding is available for those with hardships:
1) Salvation Army - the Salvation Army provides tickets based on need only, but you need to call them first at 641-424-4031. These tickets are good for any medical appointment, except for transportation to a pharmacy. Tickets will be mailed to the person requesting information.
2) NEMT - Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. This is Medicaid Insurance Transportation. All passengers covered by this insurance are to call the number on the back of your insurance card to request transportation. Questions regarding NEMT please call 641-423-0491.
3) Waiver Clients - Please call NIACOG at 641-423-0491 and talk with Teresa Collins to set up transportation for Region 2. Any service received before a Notice of Decision has been made will require the person to pay out of pocket.