Worth County Recycling

Welcome to the Worth County Recycle Center located 1 mile east and ¼ mile north of Kensett on Pheasant Avenue.  The hours of operation are Monday 8am-4pm, Wednesday 8am-4pm, Thursday 12 Noon-6pm, Friday 8am-6pm, and Saturday 8am-4pm.  We are closed Sunday and Tuesday and all county holidays.   This facility is for residential waste and not commercial or industrial.  We reserve the right to turn away any loads into our facility. At this time we do not accept Hazardous Household Materials (paint, cleaners, chemical, etc.)  We also do not accept furniture, brush or yard debris.


Covered load policy

  1. All open pickup beds and/or trailers containing material for disposal shall be covered and secured prior to arrival at the disposal site.  Covering shall be flexible type materials such as tarps, heavy plastic or snow fence.  Individual or multiple garbage cans (metal/plastic) with lids and secured to the box or trailer do not require a tarp.  Non-flexible building materials such as lumber, drywall, etc. are not suitable covers.  Ropes alone are not considered a cover.
  2. All covered loads shall be secured so materials can not fall or be blown form the load.
  3. Automobiles with open trunks transporting materials shall be secured so that material can not fall or be blown from the load.
  4. Anyone arriving at the Recycle Center with an uncovered load shall be given the option to leave and return with a proper cover (no extra fee) or pay the $20 fee for an uncovered load.  We can bill customers willing to pay the extra $20 fee (if they do not have adequate funds with them), but they must sign a statement of such and provide a current mailing address.
  5. Appliances/tires – if the material is delivered in such a manner that it clearly can not fall or blow from the vehicle and there is no other materials in the box or trailer, then the load does not have to be covered.
  6. Customers with complaints, comments, or suggestions should contact the Worth County Recycling Director at (641) 845-2200.

Rural Worth County Residents: are only allowed to dispose of household garbage and recyclable materials.

               Waste:  must be bagged, tied or boxed for disposal at the facility, no loose items.

               Recyclable materials:  do not need to be presorted.  You will sort them and place them in the appropriate receptacle once you arrive.  Materials that are accepted and those that are not accepted are on the back of this paper.


All Worth County residents:  Are allowed to dispose of used tires (no rims), old appliances, waste oil, and scrap metal.  Below is a chart of items that are accepted along with the fee to dispose of them.



 Passenger and light truck tire  $5
 Semi Tire
 Tractor Front (small)  $9
 Tractor Front (large)  $14
 Tractor Rear (small)  $20
 Tractor Rear (medium)
 Tractor Rear (large)  $40
 Duplex  $15
**We do not take track type tractor tires



 Stoves, washer, dryer, refrigerator, microwave, air conditioner, dishwashers, dehumidifiers, VCR’s, DVD players, etc. 
 Flat Screen TV's $15
 TV's and console TV's, Copy Machines, Monitors $30



The following items will be accepted FREE of charge:  waste oil, scrap metal, computer towers


Rural Resident Recycling list of Items accepted:

Corrugated cardboard, newspaper & inserts, copy and computer paper, junk mail, phone books, magazines, catalogs, greeting cards, boxboard (cereal, cake, chip, Kleenex, and cracker boxes), plastic (bottles, jugs, and jars), glass (clear, green, brown, blue), metal cans.

  • Rinse containers clean.  Labels on containers are ok.

  • Remove all caps, lids, covers, o-rings, pumps and discard into your regular trash.


Pizza boxes, plastic bags, unmarked plastics, Styrofoam(cups, packaging), paper towels, napkins, tissues, cups, coffee filters, tea bags, waxed paper, or waxed anything (like milk cartons, drink boxes, frozen food boxes), candy and gum wrappers, carbon paper, wall paper, bathroom waste paper, photos, slides, transparencies, aerosol cans, paint cans,  oil/antifreeze/gasoline containers, light bulbs, pens, window panes, mirrors, pottery, ceramics, disposable razors, needles, toys, dishes, glasses, medicine containers, plastic cups/silverware/trays, plastic wrap, batteries, pet food bags, fertilizer bags, and seed corn bags.