Planning and Zoning

Duties and Responsibilities

The zoning commission is composed of five members who serve without compensation other than mileage; it is responsible for making recommendations on all matters relative to the ordinance on which the board of supervisors must act; and serve as a coordinating agency for planning matters affecting each individual community, as well as the entire region, to guide the unified development of the region.

The board of adjustment, composed of five members who serve without compensation other than mileage, is a quasi-judicial body within the zoning framework, for the purpose of assuring individuals equal and reasonable treatment under the zoning ordinance.

The administrative office is the executive branch of the zoning process.  It is the duty to enforce the ordinance by checking proposed construction or used for compliance, and to take appropriate action on those who violate the ordinance.

Septic and well permits are required by state law and are obtained through the Worth County Sanitarian.  (641)845-2200

All the persons proposing construction, re-construction, alterations, use or change of use, should first contact the administrative officer to determine the application of the ordinance to their proposals.

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